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Long Beach Rendezvous: Queen Mary meets Queen Elizabeth

Cunarders and ship lovers will gather in Long Beach, California tomorrow, 12 March 2013 for another “Cunard Royal Rendezvous”.  


After Queen Mary 2 (26 Feb 2006) and Queen Victoria 3 Mar 2011), the youngest ship of the Cunard fleet, Queen Elizabeth, and the legendary Queen Mary will make history when they meet for the first time  in Long Beach Harbour.  This is a rare event which will feature traditional whistle salutes between the ships and conclude with a fireworks display. Best viewing will be at the aft of the ship. The public is invited to join the rendezvous and watch the spectacle from aboard Queen Mary.

Adding to the significance of this event, this encounter will be Queen Mary’s first encounter with a Queen Elizabeth since 1967 when Queen Mary, during her final Transatlantic Crossing in Cunard service, passed by the original Queen Elizabeth on the morning of 25 September.

The approximate schedule has been announced as follows:

  • 6.30pm: Queen Elizabeth will sail into Long Beach Harbor
  • 7.30pm: Fireworks display

More information about the event can be found on Queen Mary Hotel’s website.



Everette Hoard, maritime historian on Queen Mary is excited about the opportunity to hold the welcome speech on board Queen Elizabeth which will be broadcasted aboard Queen Mary:

What a fantastic time this fusion of voyages past and present will be for the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Cunard. Those that witness this splendid day in history will undoubtedly carry the Queens in their hearts forever.

Everette was interviewed by KTLA5 ahead of the encounter. To watch the interview click on the photo:


Hopefully there will be more footage following the event. Some of my friends are going to be there for the encounter
and they have been tasked to take photos and videos. For those of us who live too far away to attend, there is a Long Beach webcam for a glimpse of the two ships

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One of the most famous call signs in maritime history ceased to exist today:

Call sign GBTT.

Following Cunard’s announcement to re-flag their fleet and re-register the three Queens in Bermuda, QUEEN ELIZABETH was the first to change registry and subsequently call sign and flag: The new call sign is ZCEF2. Eventually the port of registry on the stern will change from Southampton to Hamilton.

Call sign GBTT is firmly associated with Cunard’s longstanding tradition to register their ships in England. No less than 3 Cunard Queens carried the call sign. GBTT was originally used for RMS Queen Mary. After her withdrawal the call sign was transferred to QE2, and following the liner’s demise in 2008 it was ‘bestowed’ on Cunard’s most recent ship, Queen Elizabeth who only got to carry it for one year.

  • Queen Mary: 1936 – 1967
  • Queen Elizabeth 2: 1967 – 2009
  • Queen Elizabeth: 2010 – 2011 


Queen Elizabeth leaving Southampton 23 October 2011 – displaying Southampton on her stern. This will soon be replaced by Hamilton. Photo courtesy Christian Reay, Southampton

GBTT has been in Cunard history for 75 years. Today is marking the end of an era, as her 2 sister ships will follow suit over the next few weeks:  QUEEN VICTORIA on October 27, 2011 and QUEEN MARY 2 on December 1st, 2011.

You can track the ship on Vesseltracker.

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The year 2010 just came to a close and looking back it was an exciting year for die-hard Cunarders who had been waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the new Queen. Since her naming ceremony on October 8 she completed her Maiden voyage and started a regular schedule of cruises. In the New Year she will embark on her first World Cruise with fantastic first port calls (see WC schedule). Not long now and she will set off for her Maiden Atlantic Crossing and calling on New York for the first time on January 13, thus opening the year 2011 with another highlight for the Cunard family and ship lovers.

On January 13 the three iconic Cunard Queens will make a historic ‘Royal Rendezvous’ in New York Harbour: Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth. It will be the 2nd family reunion after 2008, when on the exact date Queen Mary2 and Queen Victoria were reunited with Queen Elizabeth 2. The latter will be sadly missed! I am really looking forward to this as I missed out on several opportunities to see Queen Elizabeth the younger. Her looks have been subject to quite controversal debate, for every favourable comment there seems to be at least one negative. I prefer to make my own judgement and form my own opinion so January 13 will be judgement day!

 There is a festive arrangement of fireworks and fanfare to celebrate the three Queens.Nothing brings out spectators like a visit from a new ship and when there is an opportunity to see the entire Cunard fleet together, you can expect a crowd. 2008 was a great event and I don’t expect 2011 to be any less.

A group of liner lovers and ship nuts has agreed to get together for this memorable occasion. Most of us have met on Facebook and communicated throughout the year without having ever met in person. Some of us realised that we’ve been travelling on one or more occasion without meeting on the ship (notably that would be QE2 or QM2). So we agreed the rendezvous is the perfect occasion to put names to faces and move from virtual friendship to a personal encounter.

We set up a group and an event on Facebook, follow the link below if you are a Facebooker.

But don’t worry, if you do not socialize through networking platforms, you will find all details in this post.

1. Pre-Rendezvous Dinner on January 12

We will get together for a Pre-Rendezvous Dinner on January 12.
The Landmark Tavern
626 11th Avenue (on 46th Street)
New York, NY

We already made a cut off for the table reservation. If you wish to join us, please use the contact form (top right corner of the blog) and confirm your attendance by January 3.

2. Boat trip going out with the Queens on January 13 

South Street Seaport has arranged for a boat to sail out with the 3 Queens. This is a great opportunity to get close to the ships and watch the rendezvous, fireworks and departure of the three ships. The boat is sold out but you can put yourself on the waiting list: Give South Street Seaport a call on: 212.748.8786. $40 Members / $50 Non-Members 212.748.8784. Tickets are 40$ for members and 50$ for non-members. This does not include food or drinks. There will be a concession stand open to sell snacks and drinks but you can bring your own food and wine. Bring a bottle of fine bubbly, the Queens deserve it!

3. Post-Rendezvous Drinks

Members of the The QE2 Story Forum have organized a location for drinks and food after the fireworks/boat ride at Bongo at 395 West St, New York, NY 10014-2816. The restaurant is located half way between downtown and midtown. If you would like to confirm attendance, please use the ‘Contact Me’ form. Facebook users can use the link shown above to confirm.

Some ship-spotting advice:
You decided to come out and watch either the arrival or the departure, or you want to snap some photos while the ships are at the piers. Dress warmly. It will be cold, especially on the waterfront.

If you want to watch the ships’ arrival in the early morning hours you will have to make up your mind:
– Queen Mary 2 will dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn
– Queen Elizabeth will dock at Pier 88 and Queen Victoria at dock Pier 90 in Manhattan

At Red Hook, you can get close to the QM2. In Manhattan a very good spot to watch the ships come in is the parking at the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier at Pier 86. Make sure you are there around 5.45 am or so. Better a bit earlier. We have friends on both ships that will text us with their position and I will post here.

A good opportunity to take pictures of QE and QV from a different angle is to take the ferry to New Jersey; the trip is only eight minutes each way.  The ferry to Weehawken, NJ leaves from Pier 79 at West 39th Street.

If you are not going on a boat, Battery Park is a good spot to be for watching the ships sail out. More details on Cunard’s website, see their announcement:


And last but not leave, if you prefer to watch the ships from home, check out the Wired New York Webcam.

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When the new Queen Elizabeth arrived in Southampton for the first time on Oct 8, 2010 she was greeted by a large audience of onlookers, die-hard Cunarders, cruise fans and locals who wanted to be among the first to catch a glimpse of the new member of the Cunard fleet. One of them was Steven Adler who took the time to write down his thoughts about the event. Steven is a former QE2 crew member who likes to stay in touch with his old crew. You can check Steven’s story on Cunard Queens website RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, view his photos in Cunard Queens’ Member Gallery or watch his many video posts on Youtube

Read Steven’s full report here…



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Slowly the excitement about the first arrival of Cunard’s newest addition to the fleet is building up and it is time to get ready for her welcome Southampton. I have been very slack with my blog updates recently, and if I don’t want to miss the boat completely, I better get ready for the ship’s first appearance in her home port.

I have been following her progress from the Fincantieri shipyard in Montefalcone through the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and will put the route together in another post. She currently is ploughing through the Bay of Biscay and will be arriving in Southampton tomorrow morning.


Arrival October 8, 2010

It is expected that she will sail past these popular viewing points at the times below, but you may want to check out Cunard’s website for any changes in the plan. Cunard published an arrival schedule for all ship enthusiasts and early risers who want to get a first glimpse of the new ship.

There are several prominent viewing points to watch her while she’s making her way through the Southampton waterways. Click on the map which will open in a separate browser. You can click on any of the viewing points marked with the Cunard Logo to get more details on the location.

It is expected that she will sail past these popular viewing points at the times below, but you may want to check out Cunard’s website for any changes in the plan.

For those unable to attend, I added the links to the web cams on which you might catch her:

07:00 Ryde / Portsmouth          Go to web cam
07:10 Lee on Solent
07:25 Cowes                            Go to web cam
07:40 Calshot
07:50 Hamble
08:00 Royal Victoria Country Park
08:10 Hythe                             Go to web cam
08:20 Mayflower Park
08:30 Redbridge
09:00 Ocean Terminal

Southampton Webcam Dock Head
Only updating every 15 minutes so you might need a bit of luck to catch her here.

Queen Elizabeth Extravaganza October 9-11, 2010

Southampton will be celebrating her arrival with a series of activities, the highlight being the Naming Ceremony in the presence of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Click on the Extravaganza icon to view a summary of events.



Naming Ceremony October 11, 2010

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II will officially name Cunard’s newest ship in a spectacular quayside ceremony in Southampton Docks on Monday, October 11, 2010. The ceremony is going to draw a huge crowd and security is expected to be very tight. There will be limted views from the waterfront area, so it might be best to grab a seat on one of the Blue Funnel Cruises boats for a closer view. TV listings have not been announced for the naming ceremony as of yet but I will publish as soon I come across anything. If you have any details of TV coverage, please share by leaving a comment.


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Cunard Line is pleased to confirm that Her Majesty The Queen will name the company’s new Queen Elizabeth, the third Cunard ship to bear the name, at a ceremony to take place in Southampton on  11 Oct 2010.

Read the full press release made by Cunard Line here:

While browsing the internet for additional information on the naming ceremony I found a long article written by Paul Motter for www.cruisemate.com which is a very comprehensive and excellent introduction of the Queen Elizabeth. He covers every aspect of the ship and includes lots of photos. Here is the link: Cunard Queen Elizabeth Introduction. I enjoyed reading it and hope you do likewise.

USA Today published an article which include a series of photos from her construction.  A sneak peek at Cunard’s newest ocean liner, the Queen Elizabeth: Click on the link next to GALLERY to go to the photo tour.

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Photo from WeareCunard blog

I added the latest ‘We are Cunard’ video about the Queen Elizabeth construction in the Fincantieri shipyards to the blog’s video collection. 

Al Greener is inspecting the various dining areas under construction. 

Click here  to watch Part 10 and all other Queen Elizabeth video posts.

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