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Another lonely year in Port Rashid. 


 The QE2 has been in Dubai for 2 years now. I have been lucky to witness her arrival in 2008 and see her close up on her anniversary last year. Her anniversary on November 27 coincides with the Dubai Rugby Sevens, the biggest sports event in Dubai which is usually in the same week. For a big Sevens fan like me, this event is a fixture in my calendar, and while there it is of course imperative that I reunite with my favourite liner.

I posted a video (embedded in the blog) and added some more photos to the Member’s Gallery.

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I came across two 10 minute QE2 videos on Youtube which I have to share with you. It’s a trip down memory lane with a laughing and a crying eye!

A wonderful Birthday Tribute to the QE2 and River Clyde  by YouTube user ianamacl.

The QE2 came in to Greenock on the River Clyde on 20th September 2007 to commemorate her launch in that river in the City of Glasgow. This video is a tribute to her, a most beautiful ship. As a 13-year-old boy I hung around the yard on the day people (with tickets)were invited on board for a tour. My friend and I were disappointed as we didn’t have tickets. A kindly yard-worker-looking guy came over and gave us free tickets. Since then, I have always been interested in her life. I have seen her entering port in many places including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York. To see her in my hometown on her anniversary was quite special!!


The 2nd video is by docmatt.  It’s a film from the 2003 Mediterranean Cruise: Onboard and inside the QE2 including inside a cabin. 



And just when I was going to publish this post, a friend of mine emailed me the link to a photographic retrospective from 1967 to 2010 titled QE2 Time Machine, shared on YouTube by highlander0108.


 Great memories indeed!

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On October 10, 2008, the QM2 and QE2 left Southampton for a Tandem Atlantic Crossing which was going to be the Final Westbound Crossing for the QE2 before her departure from the Cunard fleet. 

The liners left together with the Ventura who was on her way to the Mediterranean. I can’t help it but she’s an ugly container ship with balconies, and her whistle does not compare at all to the wonderful sounds of liners’ fine whistles. Someone in the whistle concert was clearly out of tune! 

While we were travelling on QE2 and admiring the QM2, another acquaintance, Dr Nelson Arnstein took hours of film footage on the QM” including wonderful shots of the QE2 . He kindly allowed us to use the footage from this historical crossing which is largely unedited. We are very grateful for his generosity in sharing his memories with us. 

The first film of several from the tandem voyage is now on Flagship Video, it is about 35 minutes and shows the departure from Southampton. There will be more footage coming soon, including some exciting views of QE2. 

To view this excellent footage, click on the Cunard Queens logo and select QM2 10/10/2008 Tandem with QE2.


On a side note, the footage starts with the safety exercise which is routine practice on the ship prior to leaving port. We have another example of the safety drill on the Cunard Queens website, which is the Life Boat Drill Announcement from the 80s. Click >> here << to read the post and listen to the announcement.

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The “QE2 Wardroom Reunion’’ continues with a story from the ship’s early days: John Wodehouse, who worked on the QE2 in the 70s and 80s generously shared his memories with Cunard Queens. He started his career at sea in 1955 – years before the QE2 was launched into service – and served on several ships before he joined the QE2  in the 70s . John and his partner Geoff Pratt were part of “old Cunard’’ who became epitome of Cunard’s service excellence and traditions in a bygone era.  

We are very grateful to John for taking the time to write down his memories and talking about his love and passion for the ship, his job and the passengers who grew very fond of him. John found some rare photos in his albums which he kindly agreed to share on the website.  

John and his mother enjoying a drink in the old Q4 Club

We hope that his  story will encourage other crew members to contribute their memories and help us fill the “Wardroom’’ with many more stories.          

You can use the “Contact Me’’ button to get in touch with  us.

Click here for John Wodehouse’s story.

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Cunard Queens recently published a new page on the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 website – the QE2 Timeline. Our goal is to chart her accomplishments and hopefully draw a complete picture of her history. As time progresses we will be adding stories, films and photos. The blog is dedicating a separate page for each event it is commenting on, which will allow us to add more contents as it becomes available.

Today’s post is about the 1972 bomb scare and we have been able to enlist the assistance of Captain Robin Woodall who helped us put the sequence of events onboard the QE2 into perspective. To read about the bomb scare and Captain Woodall’s memories, click on the cartoon.

Click here for 'The Bomb Scare'

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It is about time that I am dedicating more attention to my growing Cunard chinaware, cutlery and silverware collection. I have purchased but also been given quite a few pieces by friends who know about my passion but I have yet to identify and categorize the pieces properly.  My favourite patterns are the Foley Bone China square pattern from the Queen Mary, the ‘Birds of Paradise’ pattern from Acquitania and the ‘Snowflake’ pattern which was used on QE2 in the 70s. I am using everything, the plates, cups, knifes, forks, wine glasses, napkins etc, some items are for daily use, others I keep for ‘occasions’. The way I look at my collection is that every item had a purpose on the ships, and there is no reason why I should ban them in a display cabinet were they are of little use and only attract dust. I hate dusting!

Today is as good a day to start this little investigative project, and I picked a more recent pattern which was manufactured for Cunard by Wedgwood. It was used on the QE2. Compared to some of the older patterns it looks like ‘staple ware’ for the hotel industry. Good for daily use!

I hope there are some knowledgeable experts reading this post who can help answer the following question:

  1. When was this pattern introduced and how long was it in service?
  2. How many pieces does it include, what kind of plates, cups, accessories?
  3. In which of the QE2 restaurants was this pattern used?
  4. Was it exclusively manufactured for the QE2?
  5. Was it given a name?

If you have some information about this Wedgwood pattern, I would be grateful if you left a comment or emailed me at 3queensgirl@gmail.com.

Wedgwood Bread Plate for QE2

Wedgwood for QE2

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Our archive digging continues and again, we have been successful:  We’ve got some great photos from the storm caused by a depression on 27 May, 1987 that document the interior damage caused by the big waves.  Claude Maluenda, then QE2 Entertainment Director took those photos in the aftermath of the storm. We are very grateful to him for making these available to Cunard Queens.  

Two eye witnesses who were working on the ship during the storm shared their memories , thank you so much for contacting us!      

Arline Daniels Welch, Cocktail Pianist remembers:          

The most vivid memory I have of the May ’87 storm is sitting in for librarian June Applebee so that she could have a brief break. While I sat at her desk in the swivel chair on wheels, the ship pitched and I rolled right out of the library! I couldn’t stop the ride until I reached the doorway and was able to grab a piece of wall. I wasn’t hurt, just dazed and a bit disoriented for a few seconds by the suddenness and speed of the trip. The library was in shambles with nearly every book thrown off the shelves.      


  June Applebee, Librarian, quotes from her diary:   

I remember turning on the water in her cabin and seeing it come out at a right angle to the tap. A passenger fell and smashed his nose outside of the library and two windows had blown in, one in the Grand Lounge and one in the Mauritania restaurant. The most frightening thing that happened to me was nearly having a photocopier fall on me in the Purser’s office but luckily some nearby staff members saved me from serious injuries. The computer in the library fell on the floor as well. While I was scrabbling on the floor in an attempt to clear up the mess of books and potted plants, a passenger, totally oblivious to the chaos and June’s plight, demanded a copy of the daily quiz.      


Please click on the photo below to visit the new feature page. On the home page select ‘Storm Aftermath Aboard QE2 1987’.      


If you were on the ship at the time, as crew member or passenger I’d love to hear from you: Where have you been when the waves hit the ship, what were you doing? If you can remember, please share your memories by leaving a comment on the post or drop me a line using the ‘Contact Me’ form.

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