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The MS Queen Victoria  (also called QV) undertook her maiden voyage, a 10 day cruise to northern Europe, on 11 December 2007.  The embedded video contains very well edited footage from the cruise.

Originally destined to be an addition to the Holland America Line fleet, the order for a Vista class vessel put into Fincantieri was soon transferred by Carnival Corporation (parent company to Holland America, Cunard, and P&O) to Cunard with the intent that the vessel would become the MS Queen Victoria.
The Queen Vicotira is of the same basic design as other Vista class passenger vessels, though slightly longer and more in keeping with Cunard’s interior style. At 90,000 gross tons, she is the second largest Cunard ship ever built, after the RMS Queen Mary 2. The QV’s facilities include seven restaurants, thirteen bars, three swimming pools, a ballroom and a theatre.
Unlike many previous Cunard Queens, however, she is not an ocean liner, but rather a cruise ship. Nor will she carry mail and thus will not receive Royal Mail Ship (RMS) status.

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While googling information about the QM2 visit in Hamburg this month I came across the Royal Ocean Liner Photography website which is a collection of  8 photo galleries capturing ocean liners during their visits to the city of Hamburg.  Turn your sound on before entering the website here.

It is a fantastic collection of  exquisite photos of the QE2, QM2, Queen Victoria as well as cruise ships AidaDiva and Golden Princess. I love them,  I think they brilliantly capture the grandeur of these ships. It always makes me very happy when I find something like this by chance.  The Internet is full of surprises! I noticed all photos have been watermarked for copyright protection. Photos apparently can be purchased, you have to use the Kaufen form (order form).

The website and descriptions are all in German, so I am summarizing the important pieces of information.

Information-Über mich:  Information – About me
Dirk Rothermundt is a freelance photographer, web designer and software developer. The Royal Ocean Liner Photography website is dedicated to ships visiting the port of Hamburg, mainly QE2 and QM2.

Galerien – Galleries
There are 8 galleries documenting Hamburg visits of the ships mentioned above. My favourite galleries are obviously those of my 2 favourite liners, QE2 and QM2, so I take the liberty to describe the albums in more detail.

  1. Queen Victoria, Dec 18, 2007
    Inside QV: 74 photos witnessing pure luxury
  2. AIDADiva Christening, Apr 20, 2007
  3. QM2 in Voss & Blohm dry dock, Nov 8-19, 2005                        
    • QM2 reception on river Elbe, arrival at Cruise Terminal
      The night shots are exceptional! One can tell by the quality that these are Dirk Rothermundt’s speciality.
    • QM2 in Dock 17, view from Landungsbrücken
    • QM2 departure from Dock 17
      Great close up shots . I am always in awe of this impressive hull!
  4. A Day on QM2, Aug 1, 2005
    • Arrival at Cruise Terminal
    • On the decks
    • Inside QM2
    • Hamburg as seen from QM2
    • The Bridge
      It is not often that photographers are allowed on the bridge. 41 close up photos. I guess those are rare.
  5. A Day on QE2, Jul 8, 2005
    My favourite gallery of course. Fantastic shots both outside and inside. The albums from left to right are

    • The arrival
    • Docking at Cruise Terminal
    • The decks (outside)
    • Hamburg from the QE2
    • QE2 Interiors
      41 great photos that catapult me right back aboard. 
    • Departure
  6. Golden Princess, Jun 7, 2005
  7. QE2 in Hamburg, May 30, 2005
    • QE2 at Cruise Terminal
    • QE2 at night
      Brilliant night shots
  8. QM2 in Hamburg, Jul 19, 2004
    • Arrival
    • A day and night in Hamburg
    • The fireworks
      When the QM2 visits Hamburg, it is party time and the Queen is honoured with a splendid fireworks display. These photos show that the city does not spare any efforts to welcome her!

I hope you  are enjoying the photos as much as I do. Great memories come back while clicking through the albums. I wish I could return for another Transatlantic voyage.

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