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I came across two 10 minute QE2 videos on Youtube which I have to share with you. It’s a trip down memory lane with a laughing and a crying eye!

A wonderful Birthday Tribute to the QE2 and River Clyde  by YouTube user ianamacl.

The QE2 came in to Greenock on the River Clyde on 20th September 2007 to commemorate her launch in that river in the City of Glasgow. This video is a tribute to her, a most beautiful ship. As a 13-year-old boy I hung around the yard on the day people (with tickets)were invited on board for a tour. My friend and I were disappointed as we didn’t have tickets. A kindly yard-worker-looking guy came over and gave us free tickets. Since then, I have always been interested in her life. I have seen her entering port in many places including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York. To see her in my hometown on her anniversary was quite special!!


The 2nd video is by docmatt.  It’s a film from the 2003 Mediterranean Cruise: Onboard and inside the QE2 including inside a cabin. 



And just when I was going to publish this post, a friend of mine emailed me the link to a photographic retrospective from 1967 to 2010 titled QE2 Time Machine, shared on YouTube by highlander0108.


 Great memories indeed!

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Can there ever be too many good videos and films of famous ocean liners long gone and modern cruise ships? We think no!

Today Cunard Queens is introducing a new feature for all fans who share our love for ocean liners. Our collection of maritime videos has finally found a home on the Cunard Queens website:  

Welcome to Flagship World Cruises


The place to meet and get reunited with famous names from the past – liners who have been long time companions of the Queens;  an opportunity to relive the splendour and extravaganza of transatlantic crossings and to experience the sophisticated leisurely way of cruising to far corners of the world.  We will be adding more and more films over the next couple of months, so be sure to come back from to time to enjoy the treasures we unearthed from the archives and storage rooms.  

As usual we are most grateful for any material you may want to share with us or make available to be shown in our collection. Please drop us a line using the contact form. We will get right back to you.  


Flagship World Cruises is starting with footage of wo famous ocean liners:  


SS NorwayA video from a private collection taken during a 1993 Caribbean cruise going to St. Thomas. This cruise was shortly after her refit where two additional decks were added. The Norway was the grand dame of the Caribbean:  As a rule her cruises were all 7 day and started out of Miami to the Caribbean where she called on all major ports: St Thomas, St Maarten, St John, islands in the Bahamas and many more. It was a Big Band Cruise, the stage lights were on every night, and they shone very brightly indeed. Passengers were treated to full-scale musical revues and plays.  

The 6 episodes of the film last approx. 60 minutes and include  

  • A walk around the decks
  • St Maarten, where you will go out on a night in St Maarten with Norway and Crown Princess all lit up and saluting each other
  • A view from the bridge and the Westerdam saluting
  • The Norway Olympics, Sven’s Ice Cream and a cabin visit
  • A walk through Norway’s interior spaces on International Deck at night 


SS Canberra: 2 video productions which probably would have been shown on TV at one point.    

  • A news report from 1982 when she returned victorious from the Falklands War
  • A 15 minute video featuring Sarah Kennedy from UKTV. It is a promotional video by P&O and exceptionally well done


Click on the Logo to go to Flagship World Cruise 


Both SS Norway and SS Canberra have a colourful history. 

The SS Norway has a checkered history as the Norway and before that as the SS France. Since her first, and rough, voyage across the Atlantic in February 1962 as the France, she has had several owners, she has been out of service a number of times and maintenance problems have popped up from time to time.  

SS France was the French Line flagship from 1961 to 1974, combining regular transatlantic crossings – six days and nights – with occasional winter cruises, as well as two world circumnavigations. As the SS Norway she was the flagship of the Norwegian Cruise Line from 1980 to 2001.  

While the SS France was the elegant French grand dame who represented the great era of transatlantic steamship travel, the SS Norway became a synonym for a new form of modern cruising which revived the dwindling interest in cruising.  

After a turbulent period of uncertainty between 1974 and 1979 she was sold to Knut Kloster, the owner of Norwegian Cruise Line for conversion into the world’s largest cruise ship. France was renamed Norway. By August of that year Norway was moved to the Lloyd shipyards in Bremerhaven, Germany, where she would undergo renovations including a huge new lido deck at her stern, and two outdoor pools to the cost of $80,000,000 US  

On 25 May 2003, after docking in Miami, Norway was seriously damaged by a boiler explosion which killed several crew members. She was towed to Bremerhaven where she remained berthed until 2005 following NCL’s decision to remove her from the NCL fleet. She changed owners twice, was renamed by her last owner ‘Blue Lady’ and awaited her future fate in Port Klang, Malaysia while asbestos law suites and illegal ship movements prevented the scrapping of the former liner. Scrapping eventually started in May 2007 and by late 2008 the ship’s destruction was essentially completed.  

The nose of her bow was returned to France together with other salvaged items early 2009 to  be sold at an auction on February 8/9. Out of the 446 items 430 were sold for a total of 1,186,000 Euro, which was twice the estimate. The nose achieved a price of 273,000 and was returned to Le Havre where it is now publicly displayed on the quay.  


Canberra refuels at sea during the Falklands War

SS Canberra was an ocean liner, which later operated on cruises, in the P&O fleet from 1961 to 1997. She was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Like SS Norway she had some uncertain times in 1972 when the possibility of going to the scrapyard almost became reality. During the Falklands War, she served as a troop ship and hospital ship, underwent a lengthy refit and returned to service as a cruise ship.  Eventually she became too expensive to run and was sold to ship breakers for scrapping in Pakistan in 1997.  

In April 1982  Britain went to war with Argentina and for the first time in 42 years a P&O liner was requisitioned for service as a troop ship. During the three months of the Falklands campaign she made headlines around the globe and she received an enthusiastic welcome when she returned home.

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A New Look for a New Year… 

CUNARDQUEENS.COM  received the long awaited facelift,  to integrate the family of websites including the Cunard Queens Blog (Ship’s Log), RMSQueenElizabeth.com and RMSQueenElizabeth2.com, and the Member’s Gallery. 

The new design is a lot more user friendly as the information about Cunard Queens past and present is now available at you finger tips: Just click on the respective tabs.  The home page will feature the latest story or video recommendation. 

On this occasion we would also like to introduce FLAGSHIP VIDEO, a new video interface for anything from short video clips to feature films. Users have the option to select a particular video or they can wait for the autorun to start which plays all listed films consecutively. 

We are always looking for good videos to put up online on Cunard Queens. So if you have any you wish to include please don’t hesitate to contact flagshipqm2@yahoo.com or 3queensgirl@gmail.com. We also welcome recommendations for films featuring any of  the Cunard liners. We like to hear especially about rare or forgotten footage which we may be able to track down with the help of the large ocean liner community.   

Click on logo to go to Cunard Queens 



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The QE2 returned to the Port of Tyne on Wednesday, October 8th 2008 before her final departure to Dubai.

QE2 entering Tyne -by David Heywood 2008

QE2 entering Tyne -by David Heywood 2008

Quintin Smith took some excellent night shots which he allowed the rmsqueenelizabeth2.com website to display in a special feature. To view these fantastic photos, click here.

On the occasion of this last visit an oil painting by 19th century artist T.M. Hemy has been handed to Newcastle’s Discovery Museum from its home on board the QE2. It depicts the newly built Mauretania leaving Tyne for Liverpool.

To read the full story of the painting, click here

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While googling information about the QM2 visit in Hamburg this month I came across the Royal Ocean Liner Photography website which is a collection of  8 photo galleries capturing ocean liners during their visits to the city of Hamburg.  Turn your sound on before entering the website here.

It is a fantastic collection of  exquisite photos of the QE2, QM2, Queen Victoria as well as cruise ships AidaDiva and Golden Princess. I love them,  I think they brilliantly capture the grandeur of these ships. It always makes me very happy when I find something like this by chance.  The Internet is full of surprises! I noticed all photos have been watermarked for copyright protection. Photos apparently can be purchased, you have to use the Kaufen form (order form).

The website and descriptions are all in German, so I am summarizing the important pieces of information.

Information-Über mich:  Information – About me
Dirk Rothermundt is a freelance photographer, web designer and software developer. The Royal Ocean Liner Photography website is dedicated to ships visiting the port of Hamburg, mainly QE2 and QM2.

Galerien – Galleries
There are 8 galleries documenting Hamburg visits of the ships mentioned above. My favourite galleries are obviously those of my 2 favourite liners, QE2 and QM2, so I take the liberty to describe the albums in more detail.

  1. Queen Victoria, Dec 18, 2007
    Inside QV: 74 photos witnessing pure luxury
  2. AIDADiva Christening, Apr 20, 2007
  3. QM2 in Voss & Blohm dry dock, Nov 8-19, 2005                        
    • QM2 reception on river Elbe, arrival at Cruise Terminal
      The night shots are exceptional! One can tell by the quality that these are Dirk Rothermundt’s speciality.
    • QM2 in Dock 17, view from Landungsbrücken
    • QM2 departure from Dock 17
      Great close up shots . I am always in awe of this impressive hull!
  4. A Day on QM2, Aug 1, 2005
    • Arrival at Cruise Terminal
    • On the decks
    • Inside QM2
    • Hamburg as seen from QM2
    • The Bridge
      It is not often that photographers are allowed on the bridge. 41 close up photos. I guess those are rare.
  5. A Day on QE2, Jul 8, 2005
    My favourite gallery of course. Fantastic shots both outside and inside. The albums from left to right are

    • The arrival
    • Docking at Cruise Terminal
    • The decks (outside)
    • Hamburg from the QE2
    • QE2 Interiors
      41 great photos that catapult me right back aboard. 
    • Departure
  6. Golden Princess, Jun 7, 2005
  7. QE2 in Hamburg, May 30, 2005
    • QE2 at Cruise Terminal
    • QE2 at night
      Brilliant night shots
  8. QM2 in Hamburg, Jul 19, 2004
    • Arrival
    • A day and night in Hamburg
    • The fireworks
      When the QM2 visits Hamburg, it is party time and the Queen is honoured with a splendid fireworks display. These photos show that the city does not spare any efforts to welcome her!

I hope you  are enjoying the photos as much as I do. Great memories come back while clicking through the albums. I wish I could return for another Transatlantic voyage.

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QE2_StillinDXB The long wait is over. After months of rumours and speculations about Hers Shipness’ future, Nakheel made an official announcement yesterday to move the ocean liner to Capetown where she is to be birthed at the Albert & Victoria Waterfront. Click here to read more…

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November 26, 2008: Arrival of QE2 in Dubai after a 15 day journey from Southampton through the Mediterranean Sea to Dubai. Read my account of the day here ….

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